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    Frequently Asked Questions

    It's simple!

    To find out the value for your device, just follow these steps:

    1. Find Your Equipment On Nerd Gearz And Get An Offer

      If the equipment is not on our website, please reach out to buyback@nerdgearz.com for a manual quote.

      Please pick the options that best match the condition of your item. In the case that the condition of the equipment differs from that provided, we will adjust the value accordingly.

      If you are content with our offer, complete the checkout process and let us know how you'd like to get paid: Wire Transfer, PayPal, Stripe or Store Credit.

    2. Send Us Your Equipment

      Shipping is FREE! Our offer is good for 7 days but the faster you send it in, the quicker you'll get paid.

    3. Get Paid

      Once we've received and verified your equipment, we'll process your funds immediately.

    We mostly specialize in computer equipment (anything from server grade to consumer grade). If you are unsure if your equipment qualifies, please feel free to send us an e-mail at: buyback@nerdgearz.com

    Nerd Gearz will never sell or share any of your personal information.

    Nerd Gearz believes in offering used computer hardware a second chance at life. The idea is to keep working products in use for as long as possible all the while preventing e-Waste. We provide you a place to sell equipment that you no longer need.

    Once we've verified the condition of your trade-in and payment has been sent, we will begin refurbishing the item(s).

    Many of the products sent to Nerd Gearz still have plenty of life left in them so we find them a new, happy home.

    Any products that we've deemed to be unusable will either be returned at your discretion or be recycled in an orderly manner.

    Once we've receive your equipment, we'll run some tests and determine if it is as described (This process typically takes 2-3 business days). If the equipment passes inspection, we will process the payment through your preferred method (PayPal, Stipe, Wire Transfer, or Store Credit) within 1-2 business days.

    Depending on the payment method, this may take an addtional 1-2 business days for the payment to clear.

    An e-mail will be sent when a payment is processed and will include details regarding when you can expect to receive your funds.

    If the product that you want to sell to us is not available on the website, please send an e-mail to: buyback@nerdgearz.com

    If we receive something different than what was specified, then we will send you a revise order. Should you disagree with the revised offer we will return your equipment, free of charge, or responsibly recycle it for you.